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Bunch of random D2 scans! part 2

These here, the first set with Pyon, Negi and Yukito are from WinkUp 07.2014. Everything else is from POTATO 08.2014

I have no words for the MataMitsuNegi photoshoot, it’s SO RADIANT AND PRETTY AND DREAMY AND SPARKLY UGH stay fabulous forever AND LOOK AT THAT PRETTY PRETTY MATA, WOW. </3


now let’s all thank my sister who let me tear the first two off from her mag and got me the rest from one of her friend’s magazines |Db

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Bunch of random D2 scans! :D part 1!

Went on a scanning spree again because 1) I have a ton of these cropped pages out of my sister’s JE mags and 2) the D2 fandom certainly LACKS OF SCANS SO.

The first two Mae x Mata x Yukito pages are either Winkup or Potato 01.2014, everything else is from POTATO 04.2014

Going to post a ton more tomorrow, but for the moment, it’s only this and an upcoming set~~

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